I’m beginning to forget the names of the children whose everyday life I could not fully comprehend when I first met their smiling faces and shook their dirty little hands. I never want… Continue reading

God is Good All the Time

“God is good… All the time All the time… God is Good And that is His nature, WOW!” This is a saying we picked up in the Kayole slum in Nairobi, Kenya. For… Continue reading

Village Life

Week 3 was spent in a small village called Rodi about an hour West of Lake Victoria.  From the moment we stepped off the bus we knew we weren’t in Nairobi anymore.  Due… Continue reading

God is Bigger Than Money

Last week our team was separated as Kayla and Jamie needed to stay in Nairobi for further testing as the rest of the team continued west to a village, Rodi, an hour east… Continue reading

Nairobi Hospital

To start I would like to ask for prayers specifically for the health of my team.  Nearly every member of our team has been sick, and 8 of the 10 have been to… Continue reading

Meet My Team

  Myrjana Esther Dittmann I am 24 years old.  I am from Germany.  I am one of the two leaders. I love snorkeling in the ocean with dolphins, whales, and turtles.  I like… Continue reading

Nairobi, Kenya

It’s true, it’s real, I’m in Nairobi, Kenya! We’ve been here for 10 days.  We’ve had our first full week of ministry.  It’s been wonderful, challenging, hilarious, dirty, and so worth it! Quick… Continue reading

Post Card

You know how everyone’s getting engaged, getting married, and having babies? Well I figured I’d copy their idea of sending out save the dates/announcements to stick on your fridge, desk, or wherever. So,… Continue reading

Brooke (Class Assignment)

We had an assignment today in media training to go out and take portraits of a classmate.  Brooke and I were sitting next to each other so it seemed like the obvious choice.… Continue reading

African Promo Video

As I’ve previously told you… I’M GOING TO AFRICA! Since that post I have learned that we will be going to Uganda in addition to Kenya.  (we are leaving the option open for… Continue reading

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